18 Landlords tell “Worst Tenant” Stories

See this website/blogsite article to read about some of the worst experiences landlords have had with tenants —


In Story Number Seven, a man rented out a house, and noticed that the tenants had apparently fled.  He served eviction notice to the residence and posted it on the door for thirty days.  A week later the tenants contacted him,  asking him to put their stuff in storage.  Then when he went over to the house to check it out, he discovered that they had completely gutted the house.

Literally and truly entirely gutted the house.   They’d knocked out interior walls on each floor except the top. They’d pulled all the copper wiring out of the walls.  They had extension cords running up the stairs from the several outlets they’d wired into the breaker box. The ceiling fans were gone. The bathroom sink was gone. There copper water lines were gone.   When removing their abandoned property from the premises, the landlord was carrying a TV that was inexplicably lightweight.  After removing the back, the tenant’s drugs and some cash were discovered hidden inside.  Nightmare tenant 2

They even pulled down the kitchen cabinets that’d been newly installed before renting to them and according to one of the guys across the street who came to pick through the trash we set out, they’d sold the kitchen cabinets three months after moving in. Everyone on the block was told that they’d bought the house and was slowly remodeling.

The property owner eventually just put the house up for sale and sold it as is because he couldn’t’ afford to fix all the damage they’d done.

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