Tenants who kept Livestock in the House

A news story on CBC News of Toronto tells the story of a property owner who discovered that his tenants were keeping livestock inside his house. It took 6 months to evict them, and once they were gone he found an enormous amount of garbage left on the premises. He had to rent a giant dumpster and remove animal carcasses from the premises. THe property owner estimated it would cost him $30,000 to get the smell of feces and urine out of the property.


“I knew it was bad but I had no idea how bad it was. It was sort of a numbed, stunned sort of feeling.” — Andrew, property owner

2 thoughts on “Tenants who kept Livestock in the House”

  1. This was my house. Dawn and Brent Niblock were my tenants ( I won at court so their names are now in the public record). They went in to destroy other properties after mine. She also attacked be and then attempted to run me over in a car driving around a garden to do so. These tenants are violent and dangerous.


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