Lise Winicki, Serial Scammer

Lise Winicki has scammed many people in the Los Angeles area, generally  by staying at their homes and never paying the rent due.  It seems that she strings people along by giving people a check that bounces, then saying she is having some bank problems, and another check, and it too bounces, and on and on.

There are numerous reports about her on the site “Rip Off Reports, ” where people can write reports of scams, fraud and liars and cheats, at

Lise Winicki

The Rip Off Reports about Lise Winicki: Winicki Winicki Winicki

One of these reports reads as follows:

Hello My Decent Los Angeles Community,

Lise Winicki is never under any circumstance to be trusted.. ,,she has written me 3 bad checks now and as of this point owes me $5000.00. I am completely left in the wind by this creature and as well I had to have her removed with a witness present from the property. I wish I had looked into this early but I never thought it would come to this… I’m broke and saddened and now my living situation is in jeopardy due to this sociopath named Lise Winicki.

i received a message from Lise on the Airbnb website on February 20, 2015 asking to stay for a week maybe 2. I was planning a trip on 2-24-2015 to the high desert and have booked plenty of people over this last year through the Airbnb so I thought everything was going to be business as usual.. She wasn’t sure how long she was going to stay so agreed to pay me by check and then to pay me again on my return if she found out she was to be staying longer. ….

Report Attachments:

…… I agreed and deposited the check on 2-22-2015. It bounced. she told me a story about her card being stolen and wrote another.. It bounced later that week. I came back from the high desert and it didn’t really occur to me that she could be a scam artist. She pleaded with me that she wanted to stay longer and that the money was just late due to her having her card stolen and account being thrown into jeopardy. I chose to understand that these things happen and allowed her to write me a larger amount including the fees for the bounced checks… That was really stupid of me.. I left for an annual gathering of friends to San Francisco for about 10 days and while I was gone that check bounced… We are now 3 checks bounced and $3000.00 owed..
i returned home home with a “what the h*** is going on here” feeling. She assured me that she could have her father ———Alain Winicki- (alleged phone number)- 011 590 690 63 20 31——- wire transfer me the money overnight and she was so ” sorry to put me in such a ridiculous and crazy situation!!” he never returned my calls… In fact I don’t speak French and so I don’t even know if that is his actual number. She dragged it out and promised the transfer would come day after day after weekend after another day until I had to get a witness and go over to the apartment and make her sign a personal agreement for money owed as well as go with me to get it notarized.

as as far as I know, the money never came. BUT— she may have recieved money from someone and just decided not to pay me…

I work with people professionally every day and know how hard it can be out there in the big scary world so I have a huge heart. As of the last check for $3000.00 that I deposited and then used some of the non existent funds my bank account went into negative avaiability.

I don’t drive. I use UBER cars to get around to my clients houses. So since my return from San Francisco I have been stuck. Unable to work due to my negative bank account. I may lose clients over it.. Bottom line is I have a notarized agreement. I’ve been back and forth all over town to banks and western unions and to the apartment with witnesses present and I as of today —March 30, 2015 —had to go to the courthouse and file a claim against her. I had another party serve her the summons and then with a witness had to ask her to leave the apartment.

Upon closer inspection of me unit I discovered that not only had she gone through my things in the closet but that she was actually using my personal bathroom supplies and eaten EVERYTHING in the house, but that she left the place rearranged and messy.. She used all of my cleaning products somehow but nothing is clean.. I don’t understand. My mother who came as my witness says that she saw her smiling and laughing while she was on the phone with her lawyer…

i went beyond normal consideration ration and patience and now she is due in court on the 13th of May 2015..

my only thought is… What the h*** am I going to do in the meantime…?


I’d like to point out here, that this Los Angeles resident who was an Airbnb host, would not have ended up scammed if she had kept the transaction on the Airbnb platform.  A surprising number of Airbnb hosts get into the property rental business without knowing enough about that business.  I suspect a great many of them are tenants themselves.  They have one, two , three good guests and become complacent, thinking people are all good and everything will always go well.  But being naive or uninformed about the property rental business can be dangerous.

Simply put, one should NEVER accept roommates, paying house guests, Airbnb guests, renters or tenants without knowing enough about the property rental business.  This is a business where it is easy to be scammed if you dont’ know what you are doing.

If you’re an Airbnb host, and an Airbnb guest wants to stay with you, make them pay through the Airbnb platform.  That’s how Airbnb requires it be done anyhow — taking direct payment from them is a violation of their terms.  But too many people go with offsite payments, get scammed, and then scream about it.  Particularly if you dont’ understand how scams work, you should never go off the site and accept direct payment.

The bottom line is, you NEVER let someone into your house until you have CASHED their check.  And I mean cashed it, not deposited it.  A deposited check can bounce, and you wont’ find out until several days later.  Many experienced landlords will not take checks at all for this reason.  So if you do take checks, you should only accept a check from a local bank.  Then go to that bank (not your bank, their bank) and cash the check at their bank.  This is the only way to be sure that the check is good.

Dont’ ever “go with your heart” in the property rental business, giving someone space if they have problems with payment.  Keep it strictly business, never allow someone in your house until you’ve been paid, and you’ll be safe.  Remember the movie “Pacific Heights”?  The nightmare all began because the foolish, inexperienced new property owners allowed the nightmare tenant to move in before they had cashed his check.

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