Man who has been Squatting and Scamming Landlords for 19 Years

Mark Newton appears in court dressed to the nines, as if he is an attorney.  He’s not an attorney, but he knows the law well, which has assisted him in his 19 year history of squatting and using a variety of legal strategies to avoid paying rent, while also delaying eviction, thus causing landlords much more expense, stress and time and energy to try to evict him.  Look at his face, and remember it.  You never want to rent a place to this man.

Search widely online, and you will hardly find a better example of a serial scammer and squatter, as well as a better example of how badly the “justice system” runs, that someone can so easily abuse it, and avoid eviction simply by filing so many complaints, motions, appeals,

Mark Newton squatter 2

and playing the system for all it’s worth.

From the article:

Interviews with landlords and neighbors and an examination of court documents reveal a man waging an almost continual war of attrition, fighting one eviction after another for years on end, filing lawsuits, complaints, subpoenas, asking for judge recusals and seeking postponements. He sometimes has many cases going at the same time in different courts, always acting pro se, meaning he is his own “lawyer.”

The Newton system, according to court documents and dozens of interviews with adversaries, goes something like this: The 51-year old Newark man moves his family into an apartment or house, and soon stops paying rent. He then complains about unsavory living conditions that, landlords say, he himself created. At some point, his attack escalates and conditions in the rented apartment or house
worsen, lawyers and landlords say. Newton continues to complain. Next, lawyers and landlords say, he calls code enforcement and accuses landlords of renting substandard housing.

From there, the legal battle is on.

Records from landlord- tenant court show he and his wife have fought at least seven evictions, filing 113 complaints against landlords, neighbors and others in Newark municipal court — some of them multiple complaints against the same person.

What’s more, according to Superior Court records, Newton defends himself at little or no cost because he applies for — and is granted — indigent status, meaning he doesn’t have to pay to file law complaints that cost $200 a pop and fees associated with his defense.

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