Beth Rifkin, Squatter in San Francisco

This article tells the story of Beth Rifkin, who tried to illegally squat and remain past the end date of her Airbnb reservation without paying rent in an Airbnb host’s home in San Francisco. The host had her removed by the police, after which she obtained help from a tenant attorney in SF to try to sue the host for “illegal eviction.”

Beth Rifkin had formerly been evicted and refused to leave the property when legally required to do so, necessitating an unlawful detainer suit to extract her from the property owner’s property.

These screenshots show the very long series of court actions required to get her out of the property where she was illegally squatting.

From the date the unlawful detainer was filed on June 17 2011, it took 8 months until Beth Rifkin was removed from the premises with the writ of possession issued on February 24 2012. So she squatted for 8 months on that property.

In a separate legal action, apparently Beth Rifkin’s former roommate had sued her over a security deposit not returned.

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