Daniel Portras, Squatter in Canada

Portras moved into Yolandi Lombard’s house, paid only one month’s rent, and then refused to pay more, and refused to leave. He slammed the door in her face, locking her out of her own house.

And there she stood, stunned, on her front step, locked out of her own house by a squatter.


Daniel Portras

“I didn’t know people like this even existed,” Lombard said. “I didn’t know that anybody would think it’s OK to treat anybody’s house this way.”

Lombard said that most frustrating of all, is that she discovered Portras, 39, has done a similar thing to three other Regina landlords over the past two years.

She also said the justice system is stacked against her.

“It seems like it’s set up not so much to protect the innocent, as it is to protect the tenant,” Lombard said. “You’re helpless.”

After Portras moved out of Lombards’ home, he moved into another house just around the corner, and started the same game all over again, again refusing to pay rent and squatting.

See the video here


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