Elizabeth Tremblay: Scammer who Illegally Sublets to Airbnb Guests

Elizabeth Tremblay seemed nice enough, a woman moving to Toronto from California. The property owners rented to her, and right away her rent checks began bouncing, and she was also engaged in illegal subletting, listing the apartment on Airbnb and bringing in income from Airbnb guests.

But within days, before the rent cheques started bouncing, Tremblay’s tenancy turned into Mah’s nightmare when building staff advised the female occupant was renting the unit to multiple individuals, probably through Airbnb, a website offering short-term rentals in private homes.
“The moment she got in, she Airbnb’d my property, even though she’s not allowed to be doing that,” Mah said.

I was surprised to read that police actually arrested Tremblay, because in California she’d not only get away with this scamming scot-free, but she’d get free help in her scamming and squatting from many “tenant legal aid agencies”.

Toronto police officers arrested Tremblay at the Landlord and Tenant building on St. Clair Ave. She was taken into custody and charged with uttering a forged document, in connection with her rental application, as well as three counts of false pretenses relating to bad rent checks. She was released and ordered to appear in court.

Police allege Tremblay has a history of moving into a condo, not paying rent, and using “the legal system against the landlord for months or longer, until the landlord can have her evicted by the sheriff. In the meantime, she allegedly lives free, subletting the condos to earn money while the landlord is taken advantage of,” a police spokesman told the Star.


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