Heather and William Schwab, Serial Squatters

Heather and William Eric Schwab are serial squatters in Texas, who had been evicted at least 14 times previously when they rented Kristine Reddicks’ house.

Consumer Justice: ‘Serial Squatters’ Cost Homeowners Thousands

Reddick is a realtor and relocation expert who regularly runs background and credit checks. She said everything on the Schwabs’ application checked out, from salary to rental history. However, once they moved in, the rent check bounced and the excuses started.

“Can’t talk, Williams’ grandmother died, CPS is coming over… I got fired at my job for personal phone calls,” said Reddick. “You can only go so far with a story — and I was born at night but not last night.”

Reddick had no idea the Schwabs had been evicted before. However, Tarrant County court records show that William and Heather were evicted at least 14 times before moving into Reddick’s home. Former landlords said they use fake information to move in with their children and pets, then work the system as long as possible without paying.

Schwabs squatters

IN other words, like so many serial squatters, these malicious people are abusing a court system that is deeply flawed, which allows criminals to continue stealing accomodations from people while working the system and slowing down the process which landlords need to go through to legally evict anyone.

This news video says the Schwabs have racked up at least 20 evictions:


This article says there have been 20 evictions of them since 2005, and that property owners want to know — why is this not a crime!?!??


Actually the Schwab case has been so extreme and egregious, that a Texas lawmaker has begun attempting to see what can be done to criminalize this type of behavior. FINALLY!! It seems to take forever to get something reasonable done about these very insane and outrageously unjust situations.


Some good news at long last on the notorious Schwabs…they are getting their come-uppance. Heather Schwab was arrested on charges of felony theft in May 2018, as reported in this article. She is reportedly facing multiple felony charges.

Schwab charged with felonies

As well, her husband William Schwab has been charged with sexual assault, and was put in jail, as reported here. It appears that Miss Karma has finally caught up with this dastardly duo.

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