Jason Ruddick, Serial Squatter in London, says “You Will Never Stop Us.”

Jason Ruddick is a serial squatter, who boasts about his exploits. He boasts that he and other squatters can’t be stopped, and he demands to be able to squat at the best of properties, like those with a pool.

Jason’s father who is a lawyer, has provided him with information that he uses to carry out his squatting lifestyle. He brags that police cannot arrest him:

Unemployed Mr Jason Ruddick, 22, who has squatted in a number of houses in the area, is the son of prominent Latvian lawyers who he says provided him with much of the legal knowledge he uses to evade arrest.

“I’m never worried about getting arrested,” he said. “The police wouldn’t charge me so I don’t care.”



When told the electricity company would turn off the power in the house where he was squatting, he said,

“It doesn’t matter. They’ve done that before. We’ll just turn it on again.”

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