Oakland Squatter Destroys Apartment, Causing over $20k in Damage

John Kaipaka is a serial squatter who has done massive damage to at least one apartment.

In October 2013, an Oakland landlord who had an apartment building, rented a studio apartment there to John Kaipaka, who was being sponsored by a Berkeley agency called Shelter Plus Care, which helps chronically homeless people by providing them subsidies to obtain housing. After moving into the premises, John Kaipaka apparently gradually destroyed the whole apartment, and some theorized he sold the apartment fixtures.   He removed half the ceiling, disconnected the plumbing and flooded the apartment (which later caused mold damage). Even the toilet and sink were found to have been removed.

John Kaipaka:

Even though she became aware of the destruction of her premises in summer 2014, and filed an unlawful detainer suit in August 2014, it was not until 7 months later in March 2015 when the Oakland landlord was finally able to get him out of her property. This delay in the eviction process was exacerbated by action of the East Bay Community Law Center, which gives “help” to low-income tenants, including, apparently, criminals and serial squatters.  This assistance they provided to him, allowed him to remain in the unit longer, during which it is likely that more damage was done.  The apartment was a complete loss and the landlord had over $20,000 in property damage as well as attorney and court fees.

It was later discovered that John Kaipaka had been evicted 7 times previously as there were 7 previous unlawful detainer lawsuits filed against John Kaipaka.

He also had criminal charges, as found on court records.

In sum — John Kaipaka, who was a low income tenant and thus recieved free legal aid, was enabled by the East Bay Community Law Center and other agencies to effectively steal 3.5 years of rent/accomodations from 8 different landlords.

The entire story is told here:


He removed half the ceiling from the apartment:

removed the flooring from the bathroom, removed toilet and put a broken toilet in its place: (etc)

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