Airbnb Squatters in San Diego

Lori Chase and Jessica Delfino

These two women stayed at San Diego Airbnb host’s home, in 2015 — the stay was booked by Alfred and Sharon Chase, for their daughter Lori and her girlfriend Jessica.

Host’s first mistake was accepting a third party booking.

It began back in January, when a couple whose Airbnb profile is listed as “Alfred and Sharon” contacted Kristen Lang through the online community marketplace about her room for rent. “We are signed up for Airbnb but we are seeking a month’s stay for our daughter and her girlfriend who are moving to San Diego and will be looking for jobs,” the message began. Their intention was to pay for their daughter Lori, 38, and her girlfriend Jesse, 30, to stay for one month, in order “to help them out.” Well instead of “helping them out” it seems that perhaps the more likely story was shoveling a problem from one place to another.

Lang checked out Alfred and Sharon’s profile, and saw only positive reviews from past connections made through the site. “I thought, okay, this seems fine. .”

But it wasn’t fine, when the two women refused to leave at the end of their reservation.

Struggling to find a way to encourage the women to depart, Lang changed the Wi-Fi password, and the women “lost their minds,” she says. “They’re addicted to World of Warcraft.” In a text message to Lang, Lori wrote, “We see that you turned off access to the internet for us this morning. This is also illegal. We view your actions and conversations as hostile, please be advised that any further verbal conversation with us will be recorded via audio/video.” In a separate text, Lori also said, “We do not want to live with you, but we will exercise our rights to the full extent of the law.”


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