Tamera Pritchett Squats in Georgia House

Tamera Pritchett, her fiance and two children were told that they were never given permission to be in Dena Everman’s house. Dena had not rented to them, in fact Dena was selling her home and had just closed on the sale of the home, when she drove up to say goodbye to it, and was surprised to find a car in the driveway. Then, she learned that someone was inside.

The people inside claimed that they had responded to an ad on Craiglist and rented the home. They may have been victims of a scammer. However, when these people in the home, (Tamera Pritchett and her family) were told that they did not actually rent the home from the homeowner, but from a criminal pretending to be the owner, Tamera Pritchett & family took a nasty approach and refused to budge, and continued to squat in the home after it had been made very clear to them that their presence there was illegal.

See the news story here:


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