Tim Horton and Donald Anstett Squat in Charlotte

There are so many people breaking into homes in Charlotte and creating fake documents saying that they “rented the place” that nearly a whole police department is needed to address all these cases of squatting.


Deputies arrested 39-year-old Donald Anstett. He first told officers he was renting and in the process of transferring the water and electricity to his name.
Then, a similar arrest was made in Port Charlotte on Beaumont Avenue. Detectives found 34-year-old Timothy Horton inside. He had a similar story to what the arresting officer sees all too often now – false paperwork claiming they’re residents.

“Some of them are providing contracts to us that actually is showing a rental agreement, signed,” said Sergeant John Heck, Jr. “We actually had to research that and the listed landlord or tenant doesn’t exist.”

The sheriff’s office has put together a specific neighborhood watch group that deals only with combating squatters.

Both Anstett and Horton are being charged with theft of utility services and trespassing.

Another case involving squatters moving into a vacant home in Philadelphia, is told here:


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