Hired Caregiver Squats, Refuses to Take Belongings out of Elder’s Home

A 90 year old elderly woman in San Diego lost control of her home when her paid caregiver, Cheryl Sherrell, turned out to be a squatter. Sherrell was actually arrested and criminally charged for overstaying her welcome. First Cheryl refused to leave, then after she left, she refused to collect her belongings. Now the house is full of piles of garbage, and dog poop, and neither the 90 year old owner nor her daughter are able to get rid of the debris, but must wait for Cheryl to remove it. Cheryl is supposed to come and remove it even though she has a restraining order filed against her stating that she cannot come on the property.

See the news videos:


And this story:



Screenshot (3457)

AN update on this case:


Apparently Sherrell is facing charges of theft and criminal trespass. She has apparently also been featured in a show called “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. THe story about the show ran several years earlier, in 2010…..


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