Diane Stretton: The Nanny Squatter

The Upland, CA family fired their nanny, Diane Stretton, but she wouldnt’ leave the house.



Diane started out as a nanny, but then quit working “for health reasons”. Instead of working, she stayed in her room all day. The family tried to get her to leave, but she threatened to sue the family if they put her out. The homeowners, Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte, said “Either you perform or you have got to leave.” The judge initially sided with the nanny Diane, who actually is a “vexatious litigant” who has filed multiple lawsuits.

The nanny said that she wasn’t fired, but rather, she quit after being “exploited and overworked.”

Screenshot (3469)

Screenshot (3467)


Eventually the nanny Diane left, but not after making the Bracamonte very uncomfortable and feeling like “prisoners in our own home” while she squatted there.

This video explores Diane’s history as a vexatious litigant:



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