The “Professional tenant” Mansion Squatters

Gina and Paul Schwendel don’t just squat anywhere — they want the choicest places to commit their scams. So they sign up to rent multi-million dollar homes and then engage in serial squatting, going from one manions to another, without paying rent.


Two months after Gina and Paul Schwendel signed a lease and moved into a $4.4million home in Del Sur, California, their landlord, Dennis Simpson, says he has yet to receive any money at all in rent.

Instead, he told the news station KGTV, the couple complained that the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home with waterfront views is uninhabitable.

‘This is what I would call a professional tenant,’ said eviction attorney Steven Silverstein, who had the Schwendels tossed out of another multimillion-dollar home in Newport Beach.

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