Mini Crime Wave linked to Squatters In Oakland Hills Home

The elderly owner of a home in the Oakland hills in California ended up in a nursing home, and when her home went into foreclosure and was left vacant, squatters moved in.  A mini crime wave then began, bringing many problems to the neighborhood, including drug dealing and prostitution, and stolen cars and gunfire.

As stated in the article,

Since the squatters took over the house in December 2014, crime has soared in this normally quiet neighborhood. There have been a number of stolen cars, also gunfire and drug use. Then in May 2015, a pit bull from the house attacked neighbor Tim Nichols, biting him and breaking his arm. His dog, Billy, is still recovering.

“How many times are we going to be victimized?” asked Nichols. “How long is it going to take the city to do something to have these people removed?”



The article states that

Records show police have come to the squatters’ house more than a dozen times since the start of the year. The Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (ACRATT) has recovered seven stolen cars and made four arrests.

How is it possible that squatters would be allowed to stay in a home that they have broken into, for many months, even after committing all these crimes??

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