Duo Squat in Home After Homeowner Dies, Commit many Crimes: Police Say they Can’t Help

Jackie “Jack” Cole broke into the home of a woman who had recently died, and continued with his lifelong occupation: crime, crime and more crime. The police came to the house 19 times within a 3 month span, over a great number of crimes, but the one thing they would not do is just remove this illegal squatter from the home where he was squatting. They did remove squatter Hilary Dauten, but only because they arrested her on criminal charges.

This situation is one of the more tragic and disgusting stories about the problem with squatting in the US.

The family is beside themselves, upset that police refuse to do anything, saying that it is a “civil matter.” Police even refused to take action on a stolen vehicle report, when the squatter stole the dead woman’s car.

See the stories here:



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