Dastardly Pair Squat into Home when Family Goes on Vacation

In some places in California, apparently you can’t even risk going on vacation, because while you’re gone someone might break in, squat, steal your things and destroy your property. And then when you come to kick them out, who knows, as with so many other cases of squatting, the police might come and tell you that the squatters have a “right” to be there!

A woman in Olivehurst, CA went on vacation for 3 weeks, and when she came back, she found people living in her house. Casey and Tricia Bates were there, and were arrested by police. They did $8000 in damage while squatting in the house, destroying sheetrock and furniture, spray-painting the walls.


Here’s another scary story of a Tulsa, Oklahoma woman who went on vacation to Mexico, and when she returned home she found 10 squatters had moved into her home, and refused to leave:

Crystal Taylor says it happened to her at her home in Broken Arrow, located outside Tulsa.

Taylor came home from a vacation in Cabo to find 6 to 10 people were living in her home along with five cats and a dog. She also says the home was severely damaged.

“It was a shock,” she told Inside Edition: “I didn’t understand how people could do that. I was so furious. There was nothing I could do.”


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