Man Breaks into Home, Squats, Tells Girlfriend he bought it

Gregory Harris heard that his girlfriend liked the house, he decided to give it to her.  Not by buying it, but by breaking into it, changing the locks, moving in and then saying he owned it.  The ruse didn’t work though, and he ended up arrested…but considering how far squatters can get with their malicious acts, and how they often get off scot-free, it’s not entirely surprising he tried to simply steal the house.

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Harris again admitted to changing the locks and moving in, court documents said. When asked about being told to leave the premises by CastleRock, Harris told police, “This means nothing to me.”

Harris’ girlfriend told investigators that they had been dating since January. She said Harris told her he was a millionaire who bought her the BMW that was parked outside.

A check of the vehicle revealed that it had been stolen from Carmel, court documents said. ….Harris was read his rights and taken into custody at the scene. He remains in the Marion County Jail without bond.

CastleRock REO representatives told IndyStar that although they have had to deal with squatters in the past, they have never encountered anything like the situation with Harris, who they said seemed to feel justified in his actions. They would not comment on the investigation further.

Attempts to reach Harris’ attorney for comment Thursday were unsuccessful.

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