These Two Won’t Pay Rent Because they don’t like their Landlord

Two deadbeats squatting in an apartment in New Jersey, told reporter Howard Thompson that they weren’t paying rent because they didn’t like their landlord. So they stopped paying 3 months after moving in, and are now 5 months behind in rent. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the money, they just didn’t want to pay, because they dont’ like their landlord, saying that all she cares about is money. Well yeah, if you haven’t paid rent in 5 months, for sure, all you are going to hear about from your landlord is that you owe her MONEY.

Asked by the reporter why she wouldn’t work things out with her landlord, Karissa said,

“I don’t want to work nothing out with her. I don’t like her.”

So now I guess rent is optional — if you don’t really like your landlord then you don’t have to pay.

Darnell Harris had a job that paid $90,000 a year, but he refused to pay rent, and when the owner tried to evict he and Karissa, the two of them just began to engage in games and delay tactics to stall the owner from removing them.

The owner, Marge El, does not have enough money to hire an attorney.

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