Meet “Squattus Subdividus”, who squats and then subdivides homes

Apparently there are all variety of squatters and methods of squatting, cheating, stealing and illegally profiting from other’s property. One new one is called the “Squattus Subdividus”, described in this article:

This refers to a man called Francisco,  a squatter “of the worst kind”, who began remodeling the house in the Bronx, New York, which he was illegally squatting in, in order to rent out more rooms and profit from his illegal presence in the home.

The owners have been trying to get him out since March 2017, and by September 2017 there was no progress and all they were doing was setting court dates. Meanwhile, Squattus Subdividus was pretending he could not speak English and refusing to cooperate, asking for more time, through his “legal aid team”. Why would any decent legal aid anyone support this malicious scamming squatter is beyond me.

An update as of October 2017: as reported in this update on the story

Francisco was supposed to move out on September 30th. He did not, and ended up actually suing the homeowners who were trying to evict him, with a lawsuit containing all kinds of nonsense. This goes to show even more forcefully, how broken is the system that victimizes property owners and protects the rights of malicious squatters.

Another update: as of November 2 2017, this disgusting piece of work was finally kicked out of the home he’d been squatting in for nearly 9 months.

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