A “White Collar Criminal” Squats in Home in Fair Oaks, CA

A woman whom court records later identified as Victoria Gregersen, and termed a “white collar criminal” has taken over a house owned by Sandra Forbes, that was for sale in Fair Oaks, California, and refuses to leave, as described in this article:


As the sheriff says, many squatters know just how to manipulate and exploit the loopholes in the law (glaring loopholes, I should say, that badly need to be closed up) in order to perpetrate their crimes:

Locks were changed and furniture moved in. Effectively making the homeowners trespassers on their own property.

Despite many requests for the alleged squatter to leave, she simply wasn’t budging. Even producing what the Forbes’ say is a fake lease and a SMUD Bill.

Sgt. Tony Turnbull with the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department said Thursday that many squatters are highly educated, and they have learned the loopholes that will keep them from being arrested.

How incredibly hard it must be, to be the homeowner in this situation, as
Ms Forbes describes:

The woman is described by neighbors as a white-collar criminal. She’s clean cut, an active member of the community, talkative, even friendly.

One neighbor who chose to remain anonymous said, “She’s very nice, I was going to welcome her to the neighborhood.”

But to Forbes and her husband, the woman is a real life nightmare.

“To add insult to injury, she gets to live in the house and have her yellow rose bush, and cut down my trees, and do whatever she wants, and there is nothing I can do,” said Forbes.

The case is now a civil matter and will need to be settled with attorneys.

Update: the squatter eventually filed a restraining order against the property owner. See here:


This article identifies the squatter:


Talk about the victim being further victimized!!

How is it possible that legislators have not addressed this massively serious problem, that someone can break into a home (a criminal act) and squat there, and the police can’t do a thing, saying it’s a “civil matter for attorneys”?

Forbes began a petition to try to obtain legal changes so that others don’t have to go through this kind of nightmare.

The end goal is capturing the attention of California lawmakers, with the hope that homeowners will someday have more rights in what many call an unfair battle.

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