Duo Squat in Antioch

Debra Stewart, the Berkeley property owner of a house in Antioch had owned it since 2005, and put it on the market. One day her realtor came by the house, and discovered that people were living in it — these were the squatters, Anthony Loquiao and Gayalea Risely. Loquiao and Risley said that they had a lease agreement and had paid a deposit to live there, and filed a temporary restraining order against the realtor!

The dastardly duo refused to show Stewart their lease agreement, and she discovered that they had two unlawful detainer or eviction lawsuits filed against them in 2010.

Loquiao Unlawful detainer (2)

Loquiao UD 1 (2)

Loquiao UD 2 (2)

The article summarizes regarding the problem of squatters:

Regardless of the circumstances, Case says the Thistlewood incident underscores the need for East Contra Costa cities to make it tougher for people to illegally move into vacant homes. Some squatters are coaxing banks into paying them thousands of dollars to leave homes ready for sale, Case said.

And indicates that the city of Pittsburg is doing very well on trying to deter this problem:

Pittsburg is the East Contra Costa city that makes it hardest for squatters, requiring renters to come in with property owners or present a notarized rental agreement to turn on water, along with a $250 deposit. Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley don’t have such rules, Case said.

“They’re ahead of the curve. (In other cities), I’ve resorted to telling my homeowners to let the yards go (by turning off water service) and making sure to have alarms on the property,” she said.

See the story here:


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