Duo evicted from North London Property…

Some “tenants from hell” type videos can be found on YouTube, here is one from a United Kingdom TV series:

Jean Marc Maujean and Danielle Lee Maujean evicted from North London Property

This is one episode from the UK TV series, “Nightmare Tenants and Slum Landlords” where the producers highlight particularly egregious cases of bad tenants or slum landlords in the United Kingdom.

In this case, which begins at about 10 minutes 45 seconds in on the 1 hr episode, you’ll hear landlord Yossi Harel  tell the story.  While living overseas, he rented his family home to tenants Jean Marc Maujean and Danielle Lee Maujean, who he thought would be perfect tenants because they were both teachers.  But as shown in this episode, they ended up almost causing him to lose his property.  They didn’t pay rent for 8 months, racking up an incredible 16,000 British Pounds Sterling in unpaid rent, Tenant Jean Marc Maujean (2)
Which comes to about $20,890.00 in equivalent US Dollars.  Rent owed 16000 pounds (2)

This landlord, as you can imagine, struggled mightily to pay his mortgage without ANY rental income for 8 months from his deadbeat tenants.  He says that he had to take out loans, and ask his family for support.
After going through months of a court process, landlord Harel finally gets a writ from the court to take possession of the property.  The tenant Jean-Marc has been notified of the date of the eviction, so he knows very well the date he’ll be removed from the property if he isn’t out, but still he has not left when the agent from the Eviction agency arrives. He states that he’s petitioned the court to postpone the eviction date, beyond the 8 months he’s already lived there rent-free.  Tenant Jean tries to postpone (2)

The agent from the Eviction Agency states that he has noted “There’s no sign of packing at all, there’s just like a denial that it’s going to happen.”  The Eviction agent says that the tenant failed to show them any relevant court paperwork, and  it appears “The tenant tried to evade the system” but that game didn’t work.  Tenant tried to evade the system (2)

Incredibly, after refusing to pay rent for 8 months, the tenant Jean-Marc then begs the landlord asking if he can stay another 2 weeks, just until his child is out of school.  “Everything is expensive” he says, as if failing to appreciate that his landlord has expenses too.  Jean Marc Maujean talking to Landlord Harel (2)
I dont’ know the law in the UK, but in the USA in many areas, if a landlord doesn’t carry out the eviction on the day for which it is scheduled, and gives the tenant “extra time” , it is quite possible that the entire eviction would become voided and the landlord would have to go to court all over again.  Thus, a landlord should never give in to sob stories on eviction day and postpone the eviction.  Particularly when it has been 8 months in coming, a tenant has had plenty of opportunity to get prepared to go.
In this case, as the eviction agency seized some of the tenant’s belongings to pay the debt owed to the landlord, the landlord commented on the value of some of the brand-name things seized.  Gucci items, Ugg boots, expensive flat screen TV systems with surround sound, patio furniture, a backyard trampoline, were all bought during the same period of time that this tenant was not paying rent.  The landlords’ conclusion is “They have money, they just decided not to pay.”

Another series on bad tenants and their evictions; this one in USA.