Beware Homeless Squatters on Private Land!

Most are aware that there has been an explosion of homelessness on the West Coast of the USA in particular, and this has given rise to a large number of illegal homeless camps set up in a variety of places on public land. What many may not realize is that some homeless campers set themselves up by trespassing on private land, and then squatting illegally there.

As reported in this article, one property owner in Aberdeen WA has been having many problems with up to 100 homeless squatters who keep returning to squat on his land after he removes them.

Homeless advocates and police are both pointing fingers at the landowner, taking issue with him not doing things the right way, but clearly the property owner is the victim in this situation. What should he have to do, erect giant 20 ft walls around the periphery of his property? It should not be all the burden of any particular landowner to keep people out, and when trespassers are found, it should not require a court process to remove them. This is trespassing plain and simple, folks.

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