Sandrea Calhoun, History of Squatting

Sandrea Calhoun has a history of squatting.  As stated in this news article:

The woman who moved into Patel’s home, Sandrea Calhoun, has a history of squatting. Court records show that she owes former landlords tens of thousands of dollars. She often pays one month’s rent, and then waits to be evicted. Sometimes, she just finds vacant homes and moves right in with her five children.

“She’s a pro at this,” Tromaine Langham, a former landlord, said. “She’s done this before and she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Calhoun 2

Not only does Calhoun move in and then refuse to pay rent, but while living at the premises, she allegedly destroys and trashes the place, as stated in the article:

It took Langham nine months to formally evict Calhoun from the property, and by the time he did, she had destroyed it.

“The conditions when I got there were just deplorable,” Langham remembers. “I walked in and there was broken glass, broken windows, closet doors, bedroom doors smashed. Maggots were just all over the kitchen and in the stove area. I had to totally gut [it] and get that replaced.”

All in, he said, it was $52,000 worth of damage.


Sandrea apparently also likes to brag on her FaceBook page about her dastardly deeds:

At the same time, Calhoun was posting videos and photos to her Facebook page, bragging about her “new homes.”

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