Man Builds Mini House on Trailer and Squats in Driveway

Here’s a new spin on squatting — the squatter who, instead of squatting in a vacant home, builds a trailer home on the driveway of someone else’s property and then refuses to leave.  Turns out he has the same absurd “right” to remain, until evicted by a court procedure, as do all the other malicious creatures of his ilk.

See the story here:

Cox was related to one of the tenants in the main house who moved out.  When she moved out, he built a mini-house on a flatbed trailer in the driveway, and refused to leave.  2018-08-29 (18)

When police came out to talk to Cox , he said ” I know my rights. You guys can’t touch me, you can’t do nothing to me.  You’re trespassing, get off my property. ”  They all know their “rights”, these despicable abusers of a badly designed law.

2018-08-29 (17)

In the comments section on the video of this story, some readers have the right idea — when Cox goes out to get groceries, should someone with a truck and a hitch pull up with nefarious intentions, the property owner is quite likely to blink when the truck drivers hitch up the little home, and tow it the heck out of the driveway.  When Cox comes back, the owner could say, “Oh dear, while you were gone it seems your little shack was stolen.  Boo hoo.”

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