Duo Squats in Soldier’s Home: Nasty Surprise when He comes Home from Service

While a loyal American was stationed half a world away in Afghanistan and then Hawaii, little did he suspect that he would come home and find…that he couldn’t go home.  Because the squatter Julio Ortiz had moved into his home (trespassed) and as usual, police refused to help, citing it as a civil matter…even though breaking and entering and trespassing are clearly criminal, not civil matters.

See the story in this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=altzYM_bz9E

The squatters Julio and Fatima Ortiz said they had permission to move into Michael Sharkey’s New Port Ritchie FL home, but he said he has never spoken to these people in his life.

The two have criminal histories, Julio has a record for robbery, carjacking and selling drugs on school property.  Fatima has drug charges as well.  Typical of the losers who try these appalling and reprehensible things.

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