“Report Squatters” Website to Help Minimize Squatter Problem

There is a new tool in the limited arsenal that property owners have to deal with squatters. Because the laws pertaining to squatting have not sufficiently caught up with the reality of this phenomenon and the extent to which people are able to abuse the system, the existing options of legal responses to squatter problems are often woefully inadequate. As many of the stories here demonstrate, often police and the court system offer only meagre assistance with an ongoing squatter problem, and the help offered may be insufficient, delayed, expensive, or even unavailable.

At this news article https://www.ktnv.com/news/new-website-helping-solve-squatter-problem-in-las-vegas , mention is made of a new organization or business which seeks to provide assistance to those who are either presently dealing with squatters or who want to try to keep their property free from squatters.

This organization is called Report Squatters and their website is here:


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