Seattle Squatter Camps in Yards of Vacant Homes, Breaks In

A squatter who some are characterizing as dangerous and as having a history of mental illness, has been repeatedly camping in the yard of a vacant home which the owner has been preparing for sale. As described in this article, , when the owner confronted several squatters who were camped in her yard, one of them told her that the house was his and accused her, the home’s owner, of trespassing on her own property. She would call the police and he would leave before police arrived, but then once police went, he would return again.

The homeowner’s brother says he has found out who the squatter is and has plans to take care of this problem himself if the police once again fail to help, as they did previously.

Brian said that he has found the squatter’s name, license plate, and address, and has found out disturbing information about the squatter.

“The guy is very dangerous,” Brian said. “He has a history of mental illness. His family has removed him from the family situation.”

The squatter has gone to neighbors’ houses pretending to be pest control to gain information about residents on the street and access to their homes.

To protect his sister, Brian plans to take justice into his own hands.

“We’re going to flip the script on him and go terrorize him,” Brian said.

“The police aren’t showing up. What are we supposed to do?” Brian said. “My sister’s livelihood is at stake here and nobody is doing anything. So what do we do at this point?”

This story asks the important question….what do you do when you call the police and they dont’ come???

This image is not of the actual squatter in this story, but is meant to suggest the problem of someone setting up a tent on private property on someone’s yard.

Tent squatter

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