Squatters Move into Pueblo Duplex and Refuse to Leave

IN Pueblo, Colorado, Myrtis Johnson’s tenant moved of her duplex, but before she could re-rent it, squatters broke into it and moved in and refused to leave. Ms Johnson and many others in this situation find it “pretty ridiculous” that they have to then go to court to get the trespasser out.

This video shows a news reporter confronting the squatters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKLoaoOex_k

This kind of situation has engraged and stressed out so many property owners, neighbors and communities, that some municipalities or states are working to change the law in order to make it possible to remove squatters much more quickly. Colorado is trying to make it possible to remove squatters within 24 hrs, which is far more reasonable than the months it can currently take to remove a criminal who has trespassed or even broken into someone’s home.

See here for info on the proposed Colorado law: https://pagetwo.completecolorado.com/2018/01/11/squatters-may-be-sent-packing-by-new-law/

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