Squatting on the Squatter??

Here’s a novel idea, one which in my opinion should be deployed much more often on squatters.

The idea is that, if victimized by a squatter on her premises, what prevents a second squatter from moving in? And this second one just might be a squatter who is in the employ of the homeowner. How would that go down?

Consider, after all, the first squatter moved in (or broke in) illegally — serial squatters often either trespass or physically break into the homes they squat in. So, if the original squatter is there illegally, it’s fair to ask– why couldn’t others also enter illegally? Why can’t others just, in fact, break into the property, and squat beside the squatters? Particularly if the property owner gives them permission to do so.

See how just this kind of strategy went down, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB_hjqZQ1UY

A “friendly” squatter went to the owner’s home, intending to squat beside Lynn Arthur Williams, a criminal on probation who’d invaded her home. As it turned out, Lynn Arthur ended up being arrested, so the plan to squat beside the squatter wasn’t needed.

Still, it sounded like a primo plan to me and I’d like to see a video of someone else doing this.

Three squatters in a home? No problem, if 25 more squatters move in, all authorized by the property owner to squat next to the squatters….

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