A “Sovereign Citizen” Squats While Claiming to be “Not a Person”

Thomas Benson is allegedly not only a criminal and squatter, but also claims to be “not a person”, and associates with another bizarre character named “Nana I Am.”

The duo tried to take over a bank owned home in Las Vegas, and are now charged with multiple crimes, as reported here: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/courts/accused-sovereign-citizen-squatter-to-go-to-trial-in-las-vegas/

This Nana figure tries to sue to take possession of homes in Nevada,as stated here:

A mysterious figure, Nana has filed dozens of lawsuits in recent years, often with people who lost their home to lenders. He has sought hundreds of millions, even billions, of dollars and laced his filings with nonsensical claims and pseudo-legal jargon. He writes his name countless ways, including as Nana-Amartey-Baidoobonso-IAM, and is connected to at least five homes in Southern Nevada


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