Nightmare Tenants in Britain…See the Film Series

There’s a YouTube channel which has numerous episodes telling stories of both nightmare tenants, and slum landlords, in various locales around Britain.

This Episode shows a woman who owns a cottage in North Wales, who sought a tenant to stay for only 3 months just before she planned to sell the cottage. Three years later, she was still stuck in an eviction battle in court to evict this deadbeat tenant, who falsely claimed there was “damp” and mold all over the cottage, apparently even providing doctored photographs as evidence.  Oddly, and quite unjustly, the court initially relied exclusively on the tenant’s fraudulent claims to decide in her favor, and refused to allow the property owner even to testify or provide evidence.  Thus the fight went on for YEARS to get the bum out.

In this one, the poor property owner in London is in danger of losing his home in foreclosure, because the tenants have stopped paying rent, and he can’t get them out.  Even though the landlord in that case is a live-in landlord, meaning he lives on the property, he has been too scared to live in his own home because of the exceptionally aggressive nature of some of the tenants.  One in the film which you’ll see, actually threatens the landlord, tells him he is trespassing when he comes in with officials to serve eviction notices, and says “I’ll throw water on you.”  ill throw water on you 2

Also, there’s a story of people squatting in an RV on private property,

rv squatters on private property 2

This film states that in Britain in one year, 51% of landlords said that they had to deal with a problem tenant — which shows how widespread this issue is.

In this video, a west London woman finds that a tenant of hers has began subletting her property to multiple persons, on Airbnb, renting to as many as 15 guests a night.  The lease specifically prohibits subletting.  The house was the owner’s primary home, which she rented out while doing charity work in Africa.  When she returned from abroad, she was unable to get into her own home, and has had to sleep on sofas at friend’s houses.

In this one, a tenant stopped paying rent, and a year later, the tenant is still refusing to leave.

evicted tenants hide faces 2

In this one, the property owner, unable to get a tenant out who has stopped paying rent, has been forced to sleep at a local homeless shelter as she had nowhere else to go. Jobless, without the rental income, she literally did not have enough money to rent even a room somewhere.
When the property owner goes to talk to the tenant,  male friends of the tenant throw paint on the videographers’ equipment.
When the property owner finally gains possession, she finds the tenant has desecrated the place —
Another landlord in this video, describes how she’s lost all her life savings over one tenant’s shenanigans.

tenant ruins carpet 2

In this one, tenants have stopped paying rent, and are causingbad tenant 1 (2)
problems for the neighbors as well.

And in this episode, when owners of a home moved out and put it up for sale, a gang of criminals found out it was vacant, and broke in, moved in and are now claiming to be tenants there.  It may take months and thousands in legal fees to get them out.  Unfortunately, even after they are removed, there is no guarantee that either they or some other criminals won’t break in once again and start the whole months-long process all over again.

Explore this YouTube channel to find more films on nightmare tenants: