New Zealand Squatter says to Landlord, “I’ll pay the rent if you take off your pants”

Yes, you heard that right.  In New Zealand, a property owner dealing with squatter subletters has been told that she will only get the rent if she takes her pants off.

The owner’s $2 million dollar home has been reduced to a pig sty, and she’s struggled to get the illegal squatters out.  After she finally managed to evict the tenants, she found that the tenants had in turn sublet the place to others, and now she was faced with the daunting prospect of engaging in yet another long court process to get those squatters out.

When the news meda entered the property with the owner,  two bedrooms were padlocked, one was vacant and a woman was in the fourth bedroom.

The woman said she was a friend of one of the occupants and had just moved in.

She said she didn’t know how many people were living in the house, or that she was living there unlawfully. She said she was not paying any rent.

When Zhao went to the property earlier, she claimed one of the illegal occupants told her: “I will pay rent only if you take off your pants.”

She alleged her mother was assaulted and the occupant had made threats.

“I was really scared so I called the police,” Zhao said.

The police came to the property, Zhao said, but they told her the matter was civil and not criminal….

New Zealand Property Investors Federation executive officer Andrew King said it was shocking that police wouldn’t act.

“It is incredible that a young woman being told to take her pants off to get rent money owed isn’t an illegal act and the police won’t get involved,” King said.

King said the case showed how dysfunctional the Tenancy Tribunal system was when emergency action was needed.

Outside the house in the garden, were many buckets of urine the tenants had put there as the utilities weren’t working as they hadn’t apparently been paid for.

buckets of urine NZ

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