Squatter Finally Gets the Boot

It took 5 months, but the Williams family finally kicked the squatter off their property.  As reported by KATV:

When Marty and Amanda Williams rented a Little Rock condo to Andre Tucker in August, they had no idea that two months earlier he had pleaded guilty to felony theft….

“… it was in beautiful condition when he moved in,” recalls Amanda Williams. “… he broke our bed. You can look in here. It’s pretty…terrible.”

It took a court order, but after living in their Green Mountain Park condo without paying rent since September, Andre Tucker moved out on Wednesday.

Amanda Williams says not only did Tucker freeload for nearly five months, but he also left her once pristine condo in disarray.

“You know, you sign a contract that says if you don’t pay, you get out,” says Williams. “But then if you call the police, they say those contracts don’t mean anything.”

48-year-old Lawrence Andre Tucker has been in and out of trouble with the law for many years. And the Williamses aren’t the first landlords that have had to sue to force him out of a property.

A landlord filed suit in 2017 and a realty company had to do the same in 2011.

The process to legally evict a tenant who refuses to move is time-consuming and expensive – all at a time when no rental income is being collected.

“In rent, we have probably lost about $7,000,” estimates Williams. “And I’m not sure the damages, but I would guess between the A.C. system that he broke and just all the damages throughout the house…maybe $10,000 or more.”

Read the article here:

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